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Potion Maker Werk tijd 3.5.29

The first game of Sinsiroad! Animated characters in Live2D! Pio-chan cute! Enhanced potion to put the material to the cauldron! Infinitely becomes hig

36 MB
Godus Werk tijd 0.0.52

YOU are about to PLAY GOD. Rule over a living, breathing world. It is as SIMPLE to play with as it is AWE-INSPIRING to behold. Feel truly powerful in

51.95 MB
Pirate Kings Werk tijd 6.1.5

Join your Facebook friends & millions of other pirates from the 7 seas in the best pirates game: PIRATE KINGS! Build your land and make it the paradis

69.63 MB
Maze : Pen Runner Werk tijd 1.1.4

Escape Maze Puzzle by Collecting Various Pens and Use them to Draw! Light your Constellation by Space Adventure! 【Game Features】 - Swift Control like

39.97 MB
표창키우기2 Werk tijd 1.0.73

★경☆드디어 출시 했습니다.★축☆ 2018 제일 재미있는 게임. 표창 키우기2 5,000,000명이 선택한 재미를 느껴보세요~!! 표창키우기 보다 재미를 강화했습니다!! 간단한 조작!!! 강렬한 재미!!! 엄청난 양의 코스튬!!! 시원한 타격감의 스킬!!! 초 간단 방

38.45 MB

맛있는 냄새가 솔솔~ 우리들의 비밀식당으로 오세요! 감성쿠킹, 마이리틀셰프 OPEN! ♥ 셰프의 더 많은 소식이 궁금하다면? 공식 카페로 초대합니다! - 공식 카폐 : ♥ 손님, 어떤 요리를 원하시나요? -

88.19 MB
箱中少女 Werk tijd

與箱中少女談戀愛吧! 主人公是一名大學生,被路上的『紙箱』尋求協助, 但萬萬想不到這個紙箱裡面竟然是… 遊戲特色: ★輕鬆遊玩☆ 點擊即可輕鬆收成,並提供自動收成來減少遊玩負擔,單輪結束後來有意想不到的獎勵來加速遊戲喔! ★故事模式☆ 除了箱中少女外,你還可以攻略學校校花及學姊,都有各自豐富的劇情喔

31.59 MB

首款戀愛養成結合連線消除全新玩法 感動日本千萬女性的療癒系輕手遊夢100 落入奇幻夢王國的女主人公 輕輕喚醒沉睡的王子們 與百位王子展開高自由度的冒險之旅 百位豪華日本聲優齊聚獻聲 用聲音溫暖妳的心 自由決定與王子劇情發展 譜出屬於自己與王子的專屬戀情 【故事背景】   又是一個平凡無奇、甚至有些令

94.56 MB

このアプリは、複数人で対戦できる早押しクイズゲームアプリです。ひとりで暇つぶしに遊べるオンライン対戦モード、オフラインで近くの人と対決ができるみんなで対戦モードから選べます。友達と、家族と、パーティーで、飲み会や合コンで、テレビ番組みたいにクイズを楽しめます。 ■オンライン対戦モード 1対1でオンラ

22.93 MB

Добро пожаловать в популярную игру для девушек! Модницы: Школа стиля – это: ♥ Онлайн-игра, где можно весело и беззаботно проводить время... ♥ Самая на

32.7 MB

Азбука английского алфавита для детей. Красочные картинки подобраны для самых маленьких детей. Приложение бесплатное. Научит детей чтению английских б

15.61 MB
Truth or Dare. You Dare? Werk tijd 5.0.9

Next Update: • Top of truths or dares (Wait for it!). Undoubtedly the most complete truth or dare application of the market, it is FREE and you can pl

18.58 MB
Trivnow - Trivia Night Werk tijd 5.1.52

Introducing a new kind of trivia night! Meet-up with friends every Tuesday from 7-9pm EST at the hottest venues in town for fun, trivia, and cash priz

17.49 MB

TriviAlist! is a new trivia quiz game about the biggest, the best, the most famous and the most infamous. Can you SORT, MATCH and SELECT all the lists

39.27 MB
Tricky Challenge Werk tijd 1.04

Tricky Challenge - the Football special edition is coming. Take your mobile phone and join in the football game with Little Jon. Watching the football

14.05 MB

The MYSTERY SOCIETY needs your help to explore ancient ruins and recover their lost treasures! Begin your Adventure: Join the world-famous Mystery Soc

56 MB
The Creeps! Werk tijd 1.15.17

Build towers, earn badges, use flashlights, boomerangs, toy blasters and MORE to stop The Creeps! before they get under Johnny's bed! Best tower defen

55.69 MB
Tasty Town Werk tijd 0.14.1

Can you bring the taste of the whole world into one game? In Tasty Town it's possible! Your success in Tasty Town starts with 3 Fs: Fresh Farm Food! G

87.33 MB

Have you ever thought of own a chain supermarket? Now you have a wonderful chance to be a supermarket manager. Learn how to run business and increase

31.12 MB
Super Crush Machine Werk tijd 2.78

You ask me will it crush ? yeah! it will Crush . just upgrade your Crush Machine,ok!Then Watch the star Crush and Collect Money ! Upgrade More Item ma

20.76 MB