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Barcode Scanner Werk tijd 4.7.6

Scan barcodes on products, or Data Matrix and QR Codes containing URLs, contact info, etc.Almost every question and negative review comment is address

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小米路由器 Werk tijd 3.0.10

You can update the Mi Wi-Fi app to version 3.0 now. You're able to take control of your Mi Wi-Fi with this smart assistant on phone anytime and anywhe

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Camu Werk tijd 1.4

Take perfect photos and videos with the unique live filters. Magically bring out the details with the Clarity control. Camu offers in a clean and simp

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Currency Converter Werk tijd 2.0.2

Currency Converter • Simple & Material Design ★ No Ads★ Exchange Rates are updated instantly whenever connected to the internet.★ 170+ currencies incl

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Battery Widget Reborn Werk tijd

Stylish battery widget with advanced functionality. Material theme design perfectly matches Android 4.x.For full info about the app please visit http:

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Galaxy Striker 2012 Werk tijd 1.0.3

In 2025, civil war broke out in the solar system. Aliens organizeda powerful star fleet to launch a terrorist attack to the Earth. They attempt to use

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网上厨房 Werk tijd 13.6.0


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Wave Blazer Werk tijd 1.1.4

It takes a certain kind of person to strap themselves down in what basically amounts to an over-sized arrowhead with a four-thousand horsepower helico

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第一财经周刊+ Werk tijd

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奇葩云 Werk tijd 0.58

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语音助理 Werk tijd 2.0.1075


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塔塔口语 Werk tijd 1.1.2

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Chinese Ink Art Werk tijd 2.5.1

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My Cloud Player Werk tijd 25.0b4

Probably the best SoundCloud client with ChromeCast, Upnp/Dlna and support.If you want to contact us or participate in beta testing of the app

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腾讯直播 Werk tijd


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Anchor Werk tijd 1.1

For use these wallpapers you need to install *KLWP Pro* app.How to apply the wallpapers:- open KLWP- open the menu on the left side- choose "load pres

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导航栏扩展模块 Werk tijd 1.1.1

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Camera JB+ Werk tijd 3.2

Camera JB+ is the ultimate camera & gallery app based on the latest version of Android Jelly Bean (Android 4.3).It also includes a complete photo edit

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Crystal Werk tijd 2.3.3

Start previewing your designs from Sketch in realtime on your Android device! Open the app and find your computer on your local wifi network. Click to

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Jandan Werk tijd 客户端.小巧轻便,快速节省流量(主要是有断点续传).

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MetroUI HD Werk tijd 1.29

MetroUI HD - Turn your cell phone / tablet in the new Metro design With just a few easy steps, you create a demanding HD MetroUI surface. Please not

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百度好看 Werk tijd

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兴趣部落 Werk tijd

兴趣部落是腾讯官方兴趣社交产品,帮助你找到趣味相投的那群人。「主要功能」· 发现部落:无论你多么特立独行,喜好多么冷门,总有人和你一样。· 分享话题:支持发表文字、语音、图片、音乐、视频等多种形式的主题。· 创建部落:打造你的兴趣地盘,邀请朋友们一起分享和讨论。· 兴趣圈:随时查看部落小伙伴们分享的

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微信语音播报 Werk tijd 1.1

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Tap for Keep Werk tijd 1.5

Tap for Keep is a floating button that allows you to quickly create Keep notes.Important:Google Keep app must be installed for this app to work.Featur

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Wave Werk tijd 3.21

Wave 2.0 is the best Live Wallpaper of 2013. NEW FEATURES: =================== Major Update with new Features: - all new presets - custom backgr

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LWP for DotA 2 Werk tijd 1.1

DotA 2 Live Wallpaper aims to re-create the essence of DotA 2’s beautiful loading screen, in 3D real-time rendering while trying not to be a burden fo

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路口-购物神器 Werk tijd 3.8.7

路口——10万黄钻买家神秘聚集地,帮你买到全网最低价!在路口,可以做什么?【海淘福利】联手各大海淘网,每日10点派发路口专属优惠券,9元近日淘江防晒、韩国动物面膜,海外直邮! 【买家团购】最会买的路友发起终极砍价技,用最逆天的价格,团你想要的,更团你想不到的!10万买家,人人都可以发起团购当团长!【

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Sleep Werk tijd 20170505

Smart alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking. Wakes you gently in optimal moment for pleasant mornings. Features: - Sleep cycle tracking with smart w

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tTorrent Werk tijd

tTorrent is simply the best bittorrent (P2P) downloader client and tracker for Android based devices. Download large files like free movies, free musi

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