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써니캣츠 1.2.56

★많은 인기를 얻은 애완견 육성 소셜게임 《써니퍼피》의 더욱 강력해진 후속작! ★실제보다 더 현실적이고 귀여운 야옹이 캐릭터를 다양한 방법으로 육성! ★기존의 써니퍼피보다 더욱 심플하면서도 다양한 방식의 플레이 방식! 지원:Android, iOS, 웹SNS(Web) 카

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超SOS 1.3.2

「電車で腹が痛い!」 「彼女に浮気バレたかも!」 「運転手が殺人犯かも!」 超SOS!トモダチが頼れるのはアナタだけ…! 様々な大ピンチに陥ったトモダチを 救出へと導こう!! …迎える結末はデッドエンド!? レスキューエンド!? アナタの選択が命運を握る…! ドキドキハラハラ!メッセージアプリ風ゲー

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クイズ。人の純粋な知識量を問うそれは、老若男女誰でも楽しめる、懐の深い遊び。早押しクイズ。クイズ番組ブームを経て発達したそれは、自分の反応速度を極限まで高め、わずかな情報から答えを導き出す、エキサイティングなゲーム。 早押しクイズゲームです。クイズ好きの方を意識した作問をしております。テレビのクイズ

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成語連連看 《成語》是中文語言中簡短有力的固定詞組,可作為句子的成分。形式不一,以四言為主。 一般而言都有出處來源,與引申的比喻意義,而非單純使用字面上意思。如「見義勇為」、 「大功告成」、「萬眾一心」、「萬眾一心」、「火冒三丈」等。 本遊戲將四字成語分成前後兩個詞彙,玩家只要將相對應的兩個詞彙連結

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verydice 1.4.7

Roll Dice. Win Tickets. Get Real Stuff. It really is that simple. Tap and hold the button to roll your dice. Whatever you roll, you win in tickets. Re

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Toy Pop Cubes 2.0.3909

Bust the blocks and enjoy this colorful adventure Tap on any 2 or more adjacent toy cubes of the same to blast and collect the toys from where they st

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Baru rilis Game tebak-tebakan seru. Menebak sesuatu berdasarkan deskripsi-deskripsi.Game tebak-tebakan seru, Kids jaman Now, tercyduck, bukan tts lont

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Run, dodge, jump, and slide into an incredible chasing adventure.  Lea Catomy is a brave little princess of the peaceful cat realm. Every now and then

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Piggy Boom 3.1.8

Piggy:" Lords and Ladies, one of your friends just attacked your island, you must commit revenge! Spin the wheel to earn more gold and shields!" --Inv

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Who want to be the richest pirate in the world? Are you? Let’s plunder as much treasure as possible and defeat other pirates in combat! Don't hesitate

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Millionaire - Quiz Millionaire is a free intellectual quiz game based on one of the most popular TV shows. As a player, you have a chance to experienc

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MemorySwitch 1.0.3

你身為戀愛遊戲的主人公, 認識的美少女太多,已經快要記不清了! 幸好有善良(?)又可愛的魔女伸出援手, 透過翻牌遊戲來幫助你訓練記憶。 但是她的寵物蝙蝠也藏了進去,露出尖牙蠢蠢欲動... 詼諧惡搞的記憶翻牌, 是特米斯數位娛樂推出的第二款小遊戲, 未來還會為您帶來更多好遊戲! ~特米斯數位娛樂官方網

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Hello, all quiz lovers! We are introducing a brand new educational quiz trivia game that could easily become your favorite math quiz! “Math All Levels

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Sweet Candy Fever is a deliciously sweet match 3 casual game. In this fantastically amazing candy world, Cherry Pea, Peppermint, Banana Heart, Blue Bo

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プラトモ 1.8.3

家具や食べ物、乗り物のプラモデルを 自分の手で作ってみませんか? 身近な物の内部ってこんな風になっているのかも? 全てのプラモデルを組み立てて どんどん完成させよう! --------------------------------------- □■遊び方■□ 【1:カギを使ってプラモデルを解放!

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foxey 2.7.0

It´s a super fun casual game with beautiful scenes and cute graphics. It´s believed that you will love it at first sight! The controls of the game are

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Slopey 1.3.3

Zoom across a challenging and fun downward descend in a retro 3D world! Take your reaction speeds to a new level and get the highest score possible wh

42.07 MB

Move your bat to the left or right and tap it as the ball comes near the bat. Keep scoring by hitting the ball without dropping it. Patience is the ke

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Tired of playing never ending games? We present you BOMBARIKA, where you can ultimately win the game!! Locked up in a house with a bomb(s), do you hav

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We’re a real game changer. That’s Right is the first ever game show app that combines a dynamic, live quiz show with an exciting drawing at the end th

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