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★スヌーピーのパズルゲームが登場★ 全世界で1000万人以上がプレイした大人気アプリ「スヌーピー ストリート」を 手がけたビーラインがおくる、スヌーピーアプリ最新作がパズルになって登場! おいしそうなドロップをつなげて壊す爽快コンボが気持ちいい!! どんどんレベルをクリアして、可愛いPEANUTSの

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オセロ - オンライン Werk tijd 3.5.0

★☆オセロ無料アプリの決定版!☆★ --------------------------------------- 「オセロ 世界大会 2016」 オフィシャルスポンサーApp --------------------------------------- オンライン対戦で無料ゲームが楽しめる、オセ

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Do you like challenges and you are not afraid to test your gray matter? You thought you knew everything about word games? Discover Wordox and face the

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What am I? Werk tijd 1.5.27

What Am I is a fun and hilarious new, free social word guessing and charades game which you can play with your friends and family anytime, anywhere! A

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Toy Blast Werk tijd 6010

THE ULTIMATE MATCHING PUZZLE GAME WITH UNIQUE MAGIC POWERS AND BOOSTS! ♥ Join the fun world of Amy and help collect her precious toys! ♥ Match two or

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One of the best time killer ever! Warning: Take Ten causes an addiction! Take Ten! is a logic puzzle game also known as Numbers, Digits, Sunflower see

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Stellar Age: MMO Strategy Werk tijd

Entire space in your device! Stellar Age is a unique game project with an endless galaxy map. A real corporation warfare is on: join and dominate the

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Sudoku Werk tijd 1.3.9

Sudoku for beginners and advanced players. Whether you’d like to relax or keep mind active – pass your free time in a pleasant way! Get a small stimul

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Sudoku - The Clean One Werk tijd 1.15.0

Sudoku - Pretty puzzling. A free and offline Sudoku app. Presenting you a modern and rethought Sudoku design. By removing excessive details from the s

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Puzzle Express - Play free Puzzle Express game online. Your Pictures + Puzzle Train = Fun!All aboard for quick-clicking, puzzle-packing fun! The Puzzl

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Nut job : Puzzle king Werk tijd 1.4.2

I know I’m cute, but don’t call me cute! Featuring Hollywood stars like Jackie Chan, Will Arnett, and Catherine Heigl, as you seen in the movie Nut Jo

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Little Panda Fireman Werk tijd

Experience the pride of becoming a firefighter in a child-friendly roleplaying game. Learn firefighting equipment and join the task of saving lives an

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Laps - Fuse Werk tijd 3.0.1

"The replayability of this game is insane, it sucks you in over and over" - The Whiz "This game is brilliant!" - Galactic Thumb Turn... Turn... Connec

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▣ A glittery Match 3 puzzle game! ▣ Explore a lush jungle full of jewels and gold! ▣ Experience 700 dynamic stages of colorful treasures. ▣ Use a vari

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Infinite Word Search is a more in-depth take on an American classic! With 35 different categories to play under and multiple modes and styles of play,

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Jewel block puzzle - Classic free gem puzzle game is simple but so funny and addicted! Let’s explore the land of jewel with this free classic gem puzz

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All started when Guy fell asleep while playing his favorite TD game. He had an unusual dream where he gets in the middle of the battle with orcs and n

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Happy Fishing: game for kids Werk tijd

Go out to sea with Kiki, our little panda, and make a big catch. There are lots of beautiful fish below the deep blue water. Let’s go catch some fish!

43.64 MB

Choose your House, prepare your brain, and enter the Game of Words! Game of Words combines word finding and crossword fun for an amazing anagram puzzl

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Gloomhaven Helper Werk tijd 7.2

Gloomhaven Helper is a companion app for playing the Gloomhaven board game. It tracks initiative, monsters, and players so you can focus on playing th

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