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• TOP 5 APP • FEATURED AROUND THE WORLD BY APPLE • • DREAM IT. BUILD IT. USE IT. SHARE IT • Craft your own gun and compete against your friends, you

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Crumble Zone is an action-packed arcade game about a little, green alien who works hard just to fight for his tiny planet. The thing is to shoot down

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"Super Stickman Golf is my new Angry Birds!" -MTV"One of my favorite games of all-time!" -Toucharcade "It's is a total winner. Once you play it you’ll

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KFG Lite 1.0.6

KungFuGo is everything about kungfu! Simple and fun! Simply direct your “Wu BaJing” with your left thumb, and fight with your enemies with your righ

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T-Aiko! 2.4.1

**Please note that neither this app nor online services are maintained anymore! Feel free to play offline**T-Aiko! is a Rhythm game inspired by Taiko

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FINAL FANTASY V for the Android is here!FINAL FANTASY V first debuted in 1992 as the fifth installment in the iconic FINAL FANTASY series. This wildly

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Momonga 1.2

- IT’S TIME TO ROLL -Momonga is a unique pinball game, where you bounce through different worlds. On the way, you team up with friends to defeat enemi

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Star Armada is a full real-time strategy game (featuring units, structures, resources and adaptive AI).Explore deep space, establish bases on planets,

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Pocket Fleet 1.5.7

Pocketfleet is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) released for mobile. It is a free multiplayer space dogfight game where users can match up wit

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Rogue Heroes is fast-paced 2D action-platforming roguelike game with RPG elements. - explore the depth of procedurally generated levels- upgrade your

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Fatty 1.0.6

Fatty is a simple little game about a stupid fat blob and his bouncing misadventures!4 / 5 - Androidpure.comGuide Fatty as he eats, crushes and bounds

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PacificRim 1.9.4

Pacific Rim is an all-new action fighting game inspired by the Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures film from acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo de

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X-MEN 1.5

Experience the classic 1992 X-Men arcade game on the go! Choose from some of your favorite cla

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Ironworm 1.0.1

Ironworm, the toughest and stretchiest hero this side of Skull Peaks is about to kick some bug!REVIEWS"This game just oozes character. Every detail, f

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Unleash your ninja powers with new and intuitive touch controls! Bounce and blaze like a ninja through 60 levels of puzzles, weapons and traps in thi

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Sink your teeth into the most exciting Hungry Shark Yet! Hungry Shark Part 3 is the super-addictive sequel to the top selling iPhone game. Part 3 cont

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Kingdom RoyaleFull Scale Social Warfare at Your FingertipsThe world requires a new leader, are you up for the challenge?In Kingdom Royale you construc

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Doom & Destiny at the moment is NOT compatible with Android 4.4 sperimental ART system.Doom & Destiny is an award-winning indie JRPG for XBox and Wind

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Silver Nornir 1.0.9g

SPECIAL PRICE 50% OFF(USD 7.99 -> USD 3.99)!!!Azatoth, the origin of chaos, has destroyed the world twice in the past. The only survivors from the l

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