INYTID 1.58 [free]


InytId is an application which provide better & smart way to invite friends in your occasion. It provide a platform to create Event QR code. InytId is an easy to use
App by managing all your invitations and reminders associated with it. Whether it is a simple task as inviting a friend to a Movie or a huge occasion like a Wedding,
InytId can do it all for you effortlessly.
Favorite Features:
 Photos :- Give your Invite a personal touch by attaching a picture from your phone's gallery or clicking one. These photos are shown to the user who scan the code on
invitation card. User have also rights to update the event photos and other details.
 Location :- Location refers to event location where you want to invite your friends. user have the rights to drag the balloon on map to locate perfect location. Every
user who scan the code directly access the event location by clicking on address detail or address icon.
 Remainder :- At the time of creation of event the user enter the remainder before time. Every user who scan the code get a remainder before the event. Remainder before
time specify the time difference between the remainder and event time.
 Event details :- User enters the details of event at time of creation event QR code. Every user who scan the QR code can access all the details fill by the event creator
like title, event date, time, address, inviting message etc. Once scan the code all details are save into event list of the user. User can access all details of event
every time.
 Gift Transaction :- All the users who scan or find the code are having a option to send gift to the creator of event through payment gateway. User can also add the
wishing message with gift transaction. Gift amount is added to the wallet of event creator and creator can directly transfer the wallet money to his bank account. Minimal
transaction charges are deducted from the money which transffered from wallet to bank account.
 Notification :- Every user have a rights to invite friends into the event. Every user who scan or find the code through InytId can directly invite by clicking on invite
option. Inviting through InytId is shown in notification of every user whose invited.
 Epin :- Epin is a key of creating a event through InytId. You must purchase Epin to create a event QR code. You have the rights to transfer Epin to your friend by simply
mobile no. and count of epin with transfer Epin icon. Application contains many packages and offers to buy Epin.
 Manage the history of Invites and Remainders Sent/Received by you.
 Update your event's location on map, Title, Date, Time, Venue, and message after creation of QR code.
 View all your upcoming Invites and Reminders
 Update your profile pictures and other details through my account by double click on your name .
So go ahead, give it a try and give us your valuable ideas for improvement.
Happy Events!!

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  • App Code: com.harshtechnology.inyt
  • Nieuwste versie: 1.58
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