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- Quickly create your national team, plan for favorite team, football tactic board - Arrange position of player and make football tactic board. - Crea

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«Прогноз клева» — это программа, которая будет держать Вас в курсе прогноза погоды и оптимальных погодных условий для рыбной ловли. Функционал програм

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Fabulous 3.61

▌ Winner of the Material Design Award in the Category "Charming Engagement"!▌ Most Innovative and Best Design Finalist in the Google Play Awards▌ Incu

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CardioExpert I 7.6.224

Program can help cardiologists in every day practice. Extended version of program CardioExpert II includes more than 100 new tools.

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Blue light emitted by phone screen is the major cause to eye strain and vision loss. Now by this super application: Bluelight Filter, you can easily g

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Quickly check NBA game-day scores and the full basketball schedule! Live updates keep you on top of all the current NBA matches. Easily view previous

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Quickly check MLB game-day scores and the full 2018 baseball schedule! Live updates keep you on top of all the current MLB matches. Easily view previo

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★★★ Google Play selects Accupedo pedometer as 2014 Best 30 Apps at Google Play Store in Japan and Korea. [Dec. 2014] "Accupedo Pedometer Widget made g

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机で卓球 1.3.8

あの大ヒットアプリ「消しゴム落とし」のSAT-BOXが贈る 学校アプリ新シリーズ!!! 学校の机を使って卓球しよう! ラケットはノートや黒板消し!さらにあんなものまで・・・ まったく新しい卓球アプリが新登場!! 《プレイモード》 色々なラケットと対戦し勝ち抜くモード! さまざまなステージで連勝して記

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アプリ「消しゴム落とし」のSAT-BOXが贈る! 学校シリーズ最新作!『机で野球』 懐かしい学校の机での野球遊びが スマホアプリになって登場! ペンをバットに見立てて、机の上で野球しよう! 自分だけのオリジナルチームを編成して、全国の強豪校に挑め! 高校野球のような熱いドラマが待ってるぞ!! 《操作

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アプリ「消しゴム落とし」のSAT-BOXが贈る! 学校シリーズ最新作! みんな大好きなボウリングがスマホアプリになって登場! 学校の机の上がボウリング場になった! 文房具や火山、サーキット場から恐竜エリアなど様々なステージが登場! パズル要素のあるチャレンジモードや、全国のユーザーとの通信対戦など

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☆☆☆ ゲームの特徴 ☆☆☆ ☆★ 基本無料 ★☆ 全てのモードが基本無料!!(一部課金有) 育成や試合に必要なアイテムやパワスターは、毎日のログインボーナス、特定の課題を達成する「チャレンジ」のクリア報酬、様々なイベント、キャンペーンで獲得できる! 無料で毎日パワサカを楽しめるぞ!毎日プレイして高

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Content Rated 6+ Russian pyramid, also known as Russian billiard (Russian: ру́сский билья́рд, russky bilyard) or pyramid billiards, is a cue sport tha

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Welcome to water sports swimming tournament! Are you going to win? Practice water sports in a realistic 3D environment! Do your best in different athl

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Strong is a workout and exercise tracker for Starting Strength, Stronglifts, 5X5, 531 and is adaptable to any other workout routine of your choosing!

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The latest work of the school series presented by SAT-BOX of the application "Drop Eraser"! The long-awaited football appeared to be a smartphone appl

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Follow the excitement of the 2018 NASCAR season with the Official App of NASCAR and stay up to date on your favorite drivers with news, video and live

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NEW★ Challenge the whole world in Mini Golf 3D City Stars Arcade, with the brand new real-time multiplayer function! Clearing 5 levels in Arcade mode

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Medscape 7.2.2

Medscape from WebMD ( is the leading medical resource most used by physicians, medical students, nurses and other healthcare professional

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★Best of 2017 App★ ★Best Hidden Gem App★ ★Best Daily Helper App★ Lose Weight in 30 Days is designed for you to lose weight in a fast and safe way. Not

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