Occupation 2 (Unreleased) 1.46 [free]

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Scientists have discovered an ancient alien artifact, but they were eaten by monsters after trying to activate it.
Try to survive in a new world filled with creatures and monsters, try to correct the scientists' mistake!
• First and Third Person action game
• Big Open 3D World
• Day/Night cycle
• Many different types of monsters, zombies and creatures
• Market: Buy and sell guns, ammo and other items that you find!
• Allied NPCs to help you VS the zombie apocalypse
• Possibility to recruit and control NPCs to help you while on hard mission
• Auto-aim makes the objectives simpler!
• Hunger system, stamina.
• Inventory system helps you during the apocalypse
• Additional endless game mode (unlocked after all missions are done)
• VR Headsets support
• Hardware input support - gamepads, keyboards
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91 Downloaden
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  • Applicatie Naam: Occupation 2 (Unreleased)
  • Categorieën: Tools
  • App Code: com.the3daction.Occ2
  • Nieuwste versie: 1.46
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  • Werk tijd: 2018-04-25